Eun Ji Won

8 de junio de 1978

Acerca de Eun Ji Won
Originally a member of popular Korean hip-hop outfit Sechs Kies, Eun Ji Won became a successful solo artists after that group's demise in 2000. Born June 8, 1978, Eun made his debut with Sechs Kies in 1997, and the band went on to release a handful of albums, which were well received. After the breakup of the group, Eun released his first single in 2000 under the name G1. In March of the following year, he released his first album, G-Pop. That was followed in 2002 with the album Heavy G, but it was to be his third album, 2003's Drunken In Hip Hop that was to break Eun onto the larger stages. 2004 found Eun landing a role in a movie u0026#8212; a starring role in the romantic comedy entitled Marrying High School Girl. In 2006, Eun ventured back into musical territory, but not as a solo artist, joining the nation-wide hip-hop collective Movement. 2007 marked not only Eun's return to solo work u0026#8212; 2007's single, "Love Death, Introspection" u0026#8212; but also his debut on various television variety shows.