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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Acerca de Forfun
Like a reggae-infused Green Day, Rio de Janeiro punk-pop band Forfun mingles Caribbean rhythms, alt-rock guitars, salsa, and hard rock drums to provide a mercurial mosh pit. Formed by singer/guitarist Danilo Cutrim, bass player Vitor Insensee, and drummer Bruno Tize in 2001 with a more straight-up punk-pop style, Tize was quickly replaced by Nicolas Christ on drums. With Insensee switching to guitar and synths, and Rodrigo Costa joining on bass, the quartet put together a demo titled Das Pistas de Skate às Pistas de Dança in 2003. The recording earned the band their first touring opportunities and festival appearances. Their official debut album, Teoria Dinâmica Gastativa, was released in 2005. With 2008's Polisenso, the foursome began to experiment more with Latin, African, and Jamaican rhythms. Alegria Compartilhada followed in 2011, and 2013 saw the release of the live album Forfun ao Vivo no Circo Voador and an EP titled Solto. Their fourth studio album, Nu, arrived in 2014, incorporating rap. ~ Marcy Donelson