Acerca de Hdk
Holland's HDK, which, pre-simplification to its initials, was named "Hate Death Kill" began in 2005 as a side project for After Forever guitarist Sander Gommans, who channeled all of his pent-up aggression and negativity into the songs that would make up 2009's System Overload album, released through Seasons of Mist. For its recording, Gommans recruited bassist Peter Vink, keyboardist Joost Van Den Broek, and drummer Arien van Weesenbeek (Epica, God Dethroned, etc.), plus a bevy of the extreme metal world's top vocalists, including Andre Matos (Angra, Shaman, Viper, etc.), Amanda Somerville (Aina, Avantasia, etc.), Patrick Savelkoul (Callenish Circle), Mike Scheijen (Sectarian), Jos Severens, and even a rapper in Paul Niessen. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia