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Alzira Espíndola
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Alzira Espíndola started to sing and play with her siblings Tetê Espíndola, Geraldo Espíndola, and Celito Espíndola, forming the Lírio Selvagem with them, their first recording experience. Alzira's solo career started after the group's dissolution. In this new phase, she shared shows throughout the country with her siblings, and also with Almir Sater. Her first solo LP, Alzira Espíndola (1987), was produced by Sater. In 1990, Alzira toured Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with Itamar Assumpção and his band Isca de Polícia. This collaboration with Assupção yielded her second LP, Amme (1991), for which she was nominated for the Sharp Prize as the best pop singer of 1992. After her start as a pop/regional artist, with psychedelic and folk tinges, and the avant-garde phase shared with Assumpção and the Vanguarda Paulista, in 1999, Alzira teamed up with sister Tetê. The two paid tribute to the songs of their childhood on the CD Anahí, consisting of classics of guarania and other regional genres. Ninguém Pode Calar (2000), by its turn, is a fresh re-reading of Maysa's songs, representing another turn in her restless career. ~ Alvaro Neder

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