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Los Abuelos de la nada
Acerca de Los Abuelos de la nada
Argentinean rock band los Abuelos de la Nada was formed in the early '80s by singer Miguel Abuelo, guitarist Gustavo Bazterrica, keyboardist Andrés Calamaro, bassist Cachorro López, saxophonist Daniel Melingo, and drummer Polo Corbella. After a failed attempt in the 1970s, Miguel Abuelo decided to succeed and keep on rocking during the '80s. In 1982, the album Los Abuelos de la Nada was produced by Charly García, getting a hit single with "Sin Gamulán." In June of 1983, the band performed successfully at Buenos Aires' Obras Sanitarias, releasing Vasos y Besos soon after. A year later, Bazterrica and Melingo left the band, being replaced by Alfredo Desiata and Gringui Herrera. By that time, los Abuelos de la Nada recorded "Himno de Mi Corazón," which soon became a smash hit. In November of 1985, the band was invited to the Buenos Aires Rock u0026 Pop Festival, playing along with Charly García and Fito Paez. That same year, a live album called En el Opera was released, followed by 1986's Cosas Mias. The band broke up soon after. In March of 1988, Miguel Abuelo lost his battle against HIV. ~ Drago Bonacich

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