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Anísio Silva
29 de julio de 1920

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Anísio Silva was one of the most popular artists in Brazil, recording up to 37 albums (among 78s and LPs) from 1956 to 1968. He moved with his family to upstate São Paulo when he was young, soon following to the capital, where he worked as a pharmacy attendant. In 1945, he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he made frustrated attempts in small recording companies until he succeeded in recording Tudo Foi Ilusão through Odeon in 1956, followed by Sonhando Contigo (Anísio Silva/Fausto Guimarães), which was released in 1957. Enjoying immediate national success, Silva undertook a demanding activity that would last until 1963, recording and touring throughout the country. His biggest hits were "Interesseira" (1958), "Quero Beijar-te As Mãos" (1959), "Alguém Me Disse" (1960) (the album sold two million copies, the highest selling until then by a Brazilian artist), "Onde Estarás" (1961), and "Ave Maria Dos Namorados" (1963). He continued to release LPs periodically until 1975, but his popularity declined progressively until 1968, when he abandoned the artistic scene and dedicated himself to run his nightclub Forró 66 in Rio. ~ Alvaro Neder

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