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Antônio Marcos
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A broadly successful representative of the Jovem Guarda movement, Antônio Marcos had his first break in show business in novice shows in the '60s. In 1967, he joined the Golden Gate choir and worked as an actor in several plays by Moraci do Val. His first recorded album was as a member of the group Os Iguais. His first hit was "Tenho um Amor Melhor Que o Seu" (Roberto Carlos/Erasmo Carlos). The song opened way for his first LP, Antônio Marcos (1969), which sold 300,000 copies. Some of his other hits were "Oração de um Jovem Triste" (Alberto Luís), "O Homem de Nazaré" (C. Fontana), and "Como Vai Você" (w/Mário Marcos), which also was recorded by Roberto Carlos with great success, and, more recently, by Hebe Camargo. He was the main character of the film Pais Quadrados... Filhos Avançados (1970), participating in other films and important musicals like Hair (1970) and Arena Conta Zumbi (1969). He recorded in Spanish and also released albums abroad. ~ Alvaro Neder

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