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A Canorous Quintet
Acerca de A Canorous Quintet
The bizarrely named Swedish death metal band A Canorous Quintet came into being in 1991, when they evolved from what was previously "A Canorous Quartet," and included singer Marten Hansen, guitarists Linus Nirbrant and Leo Pignon, bassist Jesper Lofgren, and drummer Fredrik Andersson. After recording two demos, 1993's "The Time of Autumn" and 1994's "As Tears" (later released as an EP), the group debuted with 1996's Silence of the World Beyond full-length, then followed with the quite impressive The Only Pure Hate album two years later. But their participation in endless side projects had begun to overwhelm the members of A Canorous Quintet, and they soon decided to split up the group in order to pursue them. Most notably among their various destinations, the two guitarists turned their focus to Guidance of Sin, while drummer Andersson joined leading Viking death metal band Amon Amarth. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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The Only Pure Hate - MMXVIII - A Canorous Quintet
The Only Pure Hate - MMXVIII
Alive from the World Beyond (Live) - A Canorous Quintet
Alive from the World Beyond (Live)
As Tears (feat. This Ending) - EP - A Canorous Quintet
As Tears (feat. This Ending) - EP
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