Apartment 26
Acerca de Apartment 26
The eclectic British metal band Apartment 26 blends hard rock, drum 'n' bass, and rave elements into their aggressive sound. Before they released their debut album, Hallucinating, the quintet -- consisting of vocalist Biff, guitarist Jon Greasley, bassist Louis Cruden, keyboardist A.C. Huckvale, and drummer Kevin Temple -- issued an independent EP that they sold at their stint on OzzFest '99's second stage. The group also appeared on the soundtracks for Heavy Metal 2 and Mission Impossible 2, and had their music featured in the Playstation video game Gekido. Apartment 26 toured with System of a Down, Fu Manchu, Sevendust, Powerman 2000, and the Rollins Band around the time of Hallucinating's release in mid-2000. ~ Heather Phares