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Roupa Nova is a ball group that established its brand to the point of making their own shows within the balls they were hired to perform. Extremely competent at the ball routine, they deliver an uncomplicated, straightforwardly entertaining soft pop sound. Formed in 1970 as Os Famks, they recorded several albums under that denomination and also as Os Motokas. In 1980, they adopted the denomination Roupa Nova, the title of a song written by Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant that they recorded that same year. The group also accompanies major acts like Zizi Possi, Roberto Carlos, Fafá de Belém, Gal Costa, and Milton Nascimento. Their biggest hits were "Canção de Verão" (Luiz Guedes/Thomas Roth), "Clarear" (Octávio Bournier/Mariozinho Rocha), "Whisky A Go-Go" (Michael Sullivan/Paulo Massadas), "Sapato Velho" (Mu/Cláudio Nucci/Paulinho Tapajós), "Dona" (Sá/Guarabyra), and "Coração Pirata" (Aldir Blanc/Nando). The group recorded 15 albums from 1980 to 2001 and continues to perform regularly. ~ Alvaro Neder

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