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The Bear Quartet
Luleå, Sweden


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With an innovative style of clear, sophisticated pop that originated in the small tundra town of Lulea, Sweden, The Bear Quartet's original line up of Matti Alkberg (guitar and vocals), Jari Haapalainen (guitar), Peter Nuottaniemi (bass), Johan Forsling (guitar) and Magnus Olsson (drums) officially began in 1989. But it wasn't 1992 until when label recognition took place with Stockholm's A West Side Fabrication upon the release of The Bear Quartet's first album Penny Century. Since then, the band has maintained a healthy discography of full-lengths over the years, including Cosy Den (1993), Family Affair (1994), Everybody Else (1995), Holy Holy (1996), Moby Dick (1997) and Personality Crises (1998). However, with the constant cycle of touring and recording, The Bear Quartet experienced a revolving lineup since their recording debut. Eventually settling with Björn Olsson (guitars), Jejo Perkovic (drums) and Calle Olsson (keyboards) in 1998, Alkberg, Haapalainen and Nuttaniemi have remained with the band. ~ Mike DaRonco

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