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A Perfect Murder
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Acerca de A Perfect Murder
Emerging in 2000, the heavy-hitting sounds of Montreal's A Perfect Murder stem from a combination of classic heavy metal, thrash, and early hardcore punk influences blended into a brutal mixture of Hatebreed-like breakdowns, harsh vocals, dense rhythms, and searing guitar leads and solos. A year after forming, the group began making a name for itself with the release of the EP Blood Covered Words. Their first full-length, Cease to Suffer, appeared in 2003 on Ontario-based Goodfellow Records and proved to be a much more focused effort from a band still honing its craft. Supporting the release, A Perfect Murder jumped on the road with Premonitions of War and Bury Your Dead before inking a deal with Chicago's Victory Records that November. Unbroken, their label debut produced by Eric Rachel (Every Time I Die, God Forbid), appeared in July 2004. Late that same year, three founding members left the band to pursue full-time jobs and families, leaving guitarist Carl Bouchard and drummer Yan Chaussé to find replacements. By December, A Perfect Murder was whole again with the addition of vocalist Kevin Randel (ex-Skard), bassist Dave Bayreuther, and guitarist/producer Pierre Rémillard (ex-Obliveon). Lineup changes ensued, however, as the band recorded 2005's Strength Through Vengeance. In 2007 A Perfect Murder released War of Aggression, shortly before they decided to call it quits for good. ~ Corey Apar

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War of Aggression
Strength Through Vengeance - A Perfect Murder
Strength Through Vengeance
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