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Virginia Jetzt!
Elsterwerda, Germany


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Virginia Jetzt! emerged at the forefront of a new generation of German indie pop with its 2004 breakthrough LP, Anfänger. Founded in Brandenburg in the spring of 1999, the group comprised singer Nino Skrotzki, guitarist Thomas Dörschel, bassist Mathias Hielscher, and drummer Angelo Gräbs. While their upbeat, energetic pop clearly channeled American and British influences, Virginia Jetzt! proudly embraced German lyrics, anticipating a trend that would dominate German pop in the decade to follow. The quartet's self-titled debut EP arrived in stores in 2000, followed a year later by Pophymnen. Relentless touring quickly nurtured a devout fan base by the 2003 release of their full-length bow, Wer Hat Angst vor Virginia Jetzt? With 2004's Anfänger Virginia Jetzt! scored their first Top 40 single, "Ein Ganzer Sommer," additionally notching a pair of minor chart hits in "Das Ganz Normale Leben" and "Wahre Liebe." 2007's Land Unter was also a tremendous success, generating the singles "Bitte Bleib Nicht, Wenn Du Gehst" and "Mehr als Das." ~ Jason Ankeny

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