Base Ball Bear

Acerca de Base Ball Bear
Base Ball Bear was a Japanese band that formed in 2001. Originally conceived as an Oasis cover band, and originally named Planet, the band would eventually start writing original material, and get signed to Toshiba-EMI. Members Yusuke Koide (vocals/guitar), Shiori Sekine (bass/vocals), Shohei Yuasa (guitar), and Daisuke Horinouchi (drums) were attending the same high school when they decided to form a band to play a festival. The band changed their name within a year to Base Ball Bear, and began to demo songs. In 2003, Base Ball Bear signed to independent label Blitz Pia, and released their debut mini-album Yugata Generation that same year. Their first full-length, High Color Times hit stores in 2005, and in 2006, the band singed with Toshiba-EMI. 2007 saw Base Ball Bear embark on their first tour, as well as releasing their second album, Jyunanasai, which cracked the top twenty on the Japanese charts. ~ Chris True