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Bebeto Alves
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Acerca de Bebeto Alves
An artist dedicated to the regional repertory of his home state, Rio Grande do Sul (zambas, milongas, vanerões), Bebeto Alves recorded his first solo album, Bebeto Alves, in 1981. In 1984, Alves had a big hit with the single "Quando Eu Chegar." In that decade, he abandoned the support of his authenticity-driven regional audience, incorporating pop/rock elements and electronic instruments in his music, which brought him a wider public. He also participated in Porto Alegre Canta Tangos, which was released with success in Argentina. In 2000, Alves released his 12th solo album, Bebeto Alves Y La Milonga Nova, in several European cities. ~ Alvaro Neder