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Los Angeles, CA

Acerca de Abattoir
Formed in 1983 by guitarist Mark Caro and bassist Mel Sanchez, Los Angeles' Abattoir was one of the secondary acts to take part in the first wave of thrash metal bands. After landing the track "Screams From the Grave" on the Metal Massacre IV compilation and working with numerous sidemen (including future Agent Steel frontman John Cyriis), vocalist Steve Gaines, second guitarist Danny Oliverro, and drummer Danny Anaya recorded 1985's Vicious Attack debut. Released by thrash metal-specialist Combat Records, the album's poor sales were only eclipsed by its vastly inferior follow-up, 1986's The Only Safe Place (featuring yet another new singer, Mike Towers). The group would soon fold, Juan Garcia departing to join former bandmate Cyriis in the similarly ill-fated Agent Steel, and Sanchez to form Evildead. Amazingly, most of the original members would re-form in 1998 to begin work on a new album. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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Megaloschemos - Abattoir
The Only Safe Place - Abattoir
The Only Safe Place
Great Hits - EP - Abattoir
Great Hits - EP
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