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Like numerous bands signed by California's Shrapnel label, Las Vegas-based Apocrypha were short on songs but long on showy guitar playing. Formed by singer Steve Plocica, guitarist Tony Fredianelli, bassist Al Rumley, and drummer Mike Poe, Apocrypha released three shred-intensive heavy metal albums: 1987's The Forgotten Scroll, 1988's The Eyes of Time (having added rhythm guitarist Chip Chrovian), and 1990's Area 54 (with a new rhythm section of bassist Breck Smith and drummer Dave Schiller). All of these were reliably heavy, if rather mediocre in terms of songwriting, and were distinguished by Plocica's operatic screams (often reminiscent of Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate) and, of course, Fredianelli's positively blinding fretwork.nn Needless to say, Apocrypha's career died along with the age of guitar heroes, but Fredianelli continues to perform in many capacities and a variety of styles. Following his 1993 debut as a solo artist (named Breakneck Speed, naturally), he worked as a session player on Run-D.M.C.'s Crown Royal LP, and, most recently, became a member of alternative rockers Third Eye Blind. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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