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Ablaze My Sorrow
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Formed in 1993 by Martin Quist (vocals/guitar), Magnus Carlsson (guitar), Anders Brorsson (bass), and Fredrik Wenzel (drums), Ablaze My Sorrow followed in the footsteps of similar Swedish death metal combos by incorporating lots of melody into their frantic assaults. Replacement drummer Alex Bengtsson arrived shortly after the recording of their first demo, "For Bereavement We Cried," and second guitarist Roger Johansson was added prior to 1996's debut album If Emotion Still Burns, so Quist could focus on his vocals. Both of them would exit, however, and new members Fredrik Arnesson (vocals) and Dennie Linden (guitar) performed on 1997's The Plague follow-up, released, like their first effort, on the No Fashion label. Discouraged with their minimal success and inability to stand out in Sweden's crowded heavy metal scene, Ablaze My Sorrow took an extended break before welcoming new vocalist Kristian Lönnsjö and making a comeback in 2001 with their third album Anger, Hate and Fury, but still, widespread acceptance continues to elude them. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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Black - Ablaze My Sorrow
Anger, Hate and Fury - Ablaze My Sorrow
Anger, Hate and Fury
The Plague - Ablaze My Sorrow
The Plague