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Abney Park
Seattle, WA

Acerca de Abney Park
Abney Park originally began in the early '90s with founder Robert Brown attending the University of London only to drop out, indulge himself in the underground electronic music scene and eventually relocate to Seattle during the peak of the grunge explosion. Brown stuck out of the city's music scene of flannels and monthly showers to form the dark electronica of October 27th and the EaTen. With the latter of the two experiencing a slight lineup change, Abney Park resulted in 1997 while continuing on the brooding industrial trip-hop of his prior projects. A self-titled, self-released full-length would capture this sound by 1998. ~ Mike DaRonco

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Crash (Deluxe Extended Edition)
Under the Floor, Over the Wall - Abney Park
Under the Floor, Over the Wall
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