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Formed in 2003, Bleed the Dream boasts a passionate screamo-rock hybrid sound. The band got together in Los Angeles, originally comprised of L.A. natives Dave Aguilera (guitar/keys) and Scott Gottlieb (drums) alongside Baltimore natives Brandon Thomas (vocals) and Keith Thompson (bass/vocals). Adhering to a D.I.Y. ethic and boasting collective influences from Bad Brains to Faith No More to Radiohead to Glassjaw, Bleed the Dream took to their van and steadily worked on building their name through their live show. Hard work and great networking snagged them spots on the 2003, 2004, and 2005 runs of the Warped Tour. The rock-oriented EP Awake was issued on Noize Pollution in 2003 and the band created its own label, Maphia Records, the next year. Through that label, Bleed the Dream issued the acoustic EP Asleep. (Asleep was later reissued with two previously unreleased tracks in July 2006, coupled with the documentary DVD No Apologies.) After successful Warped Tour stints and a buzz building around their EPs, the band signed with Warped mastermind Kevin Lyman's new label, Warcon Enterprises. While on the road with Matchbook Romance in spring 2004, however, Gottlieb became sick and was rushed to an area hospital, where he was diagnosed with leukemia. As he went through treatment, the other bandmembers continued on with a temporary drummer -- much of their tour proceeds went to medical bills, as Gottlieb had no health insurance -- including a spot on 2005's Taste of Chaos alongside the Used and My Chemical Romance. The group also continued work on its debut full-length, on which Gottlieb amazingly managed to play drums. Sadly, though, while waiting for a bone marrow transplant, he succumbed to the disease on April 10, 2005. The album, Built by Blood, appeared in stores the next month. With new drummer Tom Breyfogle on board, Bleed the Dream spent early 2006 on dates nationwide and overseas with bands like Hawthorne Heights, Story of the Year, and Funeral for a Friend. Citing creative differences, vocalist Thomas exited the group that May and was replaced by Mark Holmes before the summer's end. ~ Corey Apar

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