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Botellita De Jerez
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Mexican rock band Botellita de Jerez formed in 1983 by singer and guitarist Sergio Arau, drummer Francisco Berrios, and bass player Armando Vega-Gil. Botellita de Jerez' major achievement was to consolidate their own Latin rock style in a funny and ironic way, sometimes being misunderstood by the press. The band recorded Charrocanrol in 1983, followed by Botellita de Jerez in 1984 and La Venganza del Hijo de Guacarock in 1986. When Arau left in 1988, Santiago Ojeda, Sr. González, and Benjamín Alarcón joined in starting a new period in the group's history. After the release of 1994's Forjando Patria, Fernando Andrade replaced Ojeda, later recording Superespecial Desenchufado and 1997's El Ultimo Guacarock. That same year, Botellita de Jerez broke up after a farewell show at Mexico City's Metropolitan Theatre. The band came back briefly in 1999. ~ Drago Bonacich

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