Boy Kill Boy
London, England


Acerca de Boy Kill Boy
Chris Peck (vocals/guitar), Shaz (drums), Pete Carr (keyboards), and Kevin Chase (bass/vocals) comprise the bright indie rock sounds of Boy Kill Boy. Founded in 2004, the English four-piece delivers an energetic, brash pop performance not unlike the Kaiser Chiefs and the Rakes. With that and the band's preferences for the Cure, Depeche Mode, Faith No More, and Britpop, Boy Kill Boy spent the next year and half honing their craft. They released the limited-edition single "Suzie" on Fierce Panda only to be quickly swept away by Mercury Records in the U.K. shortly thereafter. By 2006, Boy Kill Boy readied themselves for America. Hot on the heels of their proper British single, "Back Again," Boy Kill Boy performed at the annual South by Southwest convention in Austin, TX in March. Their full-length debut, Civilian, landed on U.S. shores in late July. ~ MacKenzie Wilson