New Jersey

Acerca de Sybil
An excellent vocalist and one of the finest among disco divas, New Jersey singer Sybil has come close to pop stardom but has not yet attained it. She worked with Ce Ce Rogers in Ce Ce u0026 Company before signing with Next Plateau. Though her songs have been well received by club audiences, Ru0026B fans have been slower to warm to her cool but expertly sung numbers. She got the best general response to her remake of "Don't Make Me Over" in 1989. Her other songs didn't reach the Ru0026B Top 40. Sybil signed with the Stock, Aitken u0026 Waterman team in 1990, and the single "Make It Easy on Me" was issued shortly afterward. In 1993, she released Doin' It Now for Next Plateau. ~ Ron Wynn