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Germany's Accuser was formed in the town of Kreuztal and followed in the wake of that country's first wave of successful speed metal bands (Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, etc.). Quickly progressing from the full-out thrash of their early efforts (1987's The Conviction and 1988's Experimental Errors) to a more technical style made popular in the Bay Area scene (1989's Who Dominates Who?, 1991's Double Talk, and 1992's Repent), the band proved itself technically gifted. By the time of 1994's Reflections album, and especially the following year's Taken by the Throat, Accuser had evolved toward a modern death metal sound akin to Pantera and Machine Head, and adopted a more rhythmic-based, pseudo-tribal approach reminiscent of Sepultura. The band ceased operations shortly thereafter, but returned in 2010 with a new album, Agitation. Two more LPs, Dependent Domination and Diabolic, arrived in 2011 and 2013, respectively, and in 2016 the band inked a deal with Metal Blade and released The Forlorn Divide, with The Mastery dropping two years later. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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The Mastery - Accuser
The Mastery
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The Pusher - Single
Who Dominates Who - Accuser
Who Dominates Who
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