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Across Tundras

Acerca de Across Tundras
Inspired by progressive metal behemoths like Neurosis and Isis, Across Tundras formed in Denver, CO when vocalist/guitarist Tanner G. Olson (a former member of Sioux Falls, SD post-hardcore outfits Spirit of Versailles and Examination) joined forces with bassist Kyler Sturtz and drummer Heath Rave. Their first official release was 2005's Divides EP, which was shortly followed by 2006's Dark Songs of the Prairie album, released through Crucial Blast Records, and featuring epic semi-ambient compositions in the mold established by the band's heroes, only spiced with discreet traces of country music. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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Slow Down and Breathe (Altered States) - EP - Across Tundras
Slow Down and Breathe (Altered States) - EP
When We Were All One (Altered States) - EP - Across Tundras
When We Were All One (Altered States) - EP
Whirlwind Reapin' (Altered States) - EP - Across Tundras
Whirlwind Reapin' (Altered States) - EP
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