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With 30 years of career completed in 2000 and commemorated with the impressive cipher of 30,000,000 sold copies of their 30 albums, Chitãozinho e Xororó were the first artists to successfully promote the fusion between a few elements of rootsy redneck music (caipira) with urban pop, opening the field for a millionaire craze (known as sertanejo romântico) which ultimately took all regions of Brazil and many other countries. The two brothers were initiated in music by their father, who was a singer and composer. Soon they began to play at festas juninas (parties held in June dedicated to Saint John) under their first stage name, Irmãos Lima. In 1967, they performed on Sílvio Santos' popular TV show, and, two years later, in the TV Bandeirantes (SP) show Cidade Sertaneja. In 1970, the duo signed with Beverly recording company, soon releasing the first album, Galopeira. In the next year, they performed in the film No Rancho Fundo. In 1979, they had their first gold record with 60 Dias Apaixonado. In the same year, they played the hit "Ninguém Quis Dormir" for 20,000 people. In 1982, they reached 1,000,000 sold copies of Somos Apaixonados with the hit "Fio de Cabelo." In 1986, they recorded the first TV special for SBT and sang, together with Roberto Carlos, "De Coração Pra Coração." In 1988, they finally reached the upper middle class, when the luxurious showroom Palace held their show, opening the doors for the whole sertanejo segment. In 1989, they recorded "No Rancho Fundo" (Ary Barroso), their first song to be included in a soap opera soundtrack. Performing in Las Vegas, they were awarded as Brazil's Revelation Duo. In 1991, they released their first Spanish-sung LP, in Mexico. In the same year, they reached Rede Globo, which recorded a TV special with them. In 1992, they created the Chitãozinho e Xororó Foundation, dedicated to support the children. In 1993, they performed in Miami together with the Bee Gees. In the same year, they reached the first place in Billboard's Hot Latin Singles with the album Guadalupe. In 1994, they recorded the hits "Ela Não Vai Mais Chorar" and "Pura Emoção" with Billy Ray Cyrus. In 1999, they performed shows together with the priest Marcelo for 1,600,000 million people. Also in that year recorded "Coração Vazio" joined by Reba McEntire. ~ Alvaro Neder

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