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Cláudio Nucci
9 de junio de 1956

Acerca de Cláudio Nucci
A celebrated composer who has had his songs recorded by acts like César Camargo Mariano, Nana Caymmi, and Roupa Nova. He moved to Rio de Janeiro in his teens, joining group Semente. In 1978, he formed one of the most successful instrumental/vocal groups of Brazil, Boca Livre, with Maurício Maestro, Zé Renato, and David Tygel. His songs "Toada" (with Zé Renato/Juca Filho) and "Quem Tem a Viola" (with Zé Renato/Xico Chaves) were the big hits that propelled the album's performance, becoming the top-selling independent album. Departing from Boca Livre, he invested in his solo career, recording the single "Quero Quero" in 1980, followed by six solo LPs and CDs recorded until 2000. In 1985, he released the LP Pelo Sim, Pelo Não (CBS) with Zé Renato. Two of its songs were included in the TV Globo soap opera Roque Santeiro's soundtrack, including the title track. His Banda Zil recorded the album Zil in 1987 and performed in 1988's Free Jazz Festival. ~ Alvaro Neder

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