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Adriana Varela
Acerca de Adriana Varela
After singing at a small venue in Buenos Aires, talented tango performer Adriana Varela had the opportunity to meet Roberto Goyeneche, known as El Polaco, who became her major influence. In 1991, the artist's first album, simply called Tangos, was released, followed by 1993's Maquillaje and 1994's Corazones Perversos, presented live at Buenos Aires' San Martin theater. In 1995, Adriana Varela recorded Tangos de Lengue, which included songs composed by Enrique Cadícamo. In 1997, the singer successfully participated in Porto Alegre's Theater Festival and was acclaimed a year later after singing at Barcelona's Grec Festival. In 1998, Adriana Varela joined state-of-the-art group Sexteto Mayor, recording Trottoirs de Buenos Aires, returning to her solo career with 1999's Cuando El Rio Suena, produced by Uruguayan Jaime Roos. ~ Drago Bonacich

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