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Bologna, Italy

Acerca de Datura
Hard rock of the 1970s provided the foundation for the original songs of New Zealand-based power trio Datura. With his lead guitar enhanced by a variety of distortion pedals, wah-wah, and reverb controls, Brent Middlemiss leads the group through some of the South Pacific's hardest hitting sounds. Although their first album, Allisone, released in 1998, showcased their trio approach, Datura's second effort, Visions for the Celestial, featured guest musicians on Hammond B-3 organ, Indian pot drum, flute, clarinet, finger cymbals, shakers, and tambourine.nn Formed in early 1995, Datura have performed frequently in the clubs of central north New Zealand. Two self-produced demo-style cassettes, released in 1996, sold out. ~ Craig Harris