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Brussels, Belgium

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Aeroplane is a Belgian electronica act with a cosmic disco style that made its full-length album debut with We Can't Fly in 2010. Founded in 2007 in Brussels, Aeroplane began as a duo comprised of Stephen Fasano and Vito Deluca, the latter of whom was born in Belgium to Italian parents. Influenced by both the disco and soundtrack work of Giorgio Moroder, the duo made its recording debut with the "Aeroplane" single in 2007 on Eskimo Records, followed by the "Pacific Air Race" single later in the year. The third Aeroplane single on Eskimo Records, "Whispers," was released in 2008. In the meantime, Fasano and Deluca did a lot of remix work. Some of their more notable remixes include Sebastien Tellier's "Kilometer," Au Revoir Simone's "Another Likely Story," and Robbie Williams' "Bodies." In time, Fasano split from Aeroplane and proceeded to focus on his solo career as a DJ. Reduced to a one-man act comprised entirely of Deluca, Aeroplane made its full-length album debut with We Can't Fly. Released in association with the Wall of Sound label, the album spawned the singles "We Can't Fly" and "Superstar."

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