Aetherius Obscuritas
Szigetvár, Hungary


Acerca de Aetherius Obscuritas
The black metal band known as Aetherius Obscuritas is actually the work of one man, Hungarian vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Arkhorrl, whose real name is Vágvölgyi Viktor. After deciding to launch Aetherius Obscuritas in 2002, Arkhorrl recorded a pair of demos in 2003's Világra Jött and 2004's Sötét Prófécia that inaugurated a tradition of fiercely underground music saluting controversial Scandinavian black metal staples like Burzum, Ragnarok, and Ancient. 2004 also yielded the first of several full-length CDs from Aetherius Obscuritas, with Az Éjszaka Császára, and subsequently Kínzó Harag (2005), Layae Bölcsõje (2006), and Víziók (2007) -- the latter featuring studio drummer Zson in place of the heretofore used drum machine. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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