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This subdued but evocative indie guitar quartet from Leicester, England, comprises vocalist Neil Carlill, Stuart Daymen (drums), Craig Brown (guitar, flute) and Will Foster (bass). As their name implies, cinema has played an equal role to that of music in influencing this band, who recall the experimentalism of Throbbing Gristle. Their early 1995 single, C F Kane, was a deliberation on Orson Welles classic film, Citizen Kane. Early in their career the band had already recorded a soundtrack for a BBC television short film, George And Ramona. Their debut release was Inviting Both Sisters Out To Dinner, issued on Big Life Records Starfish subsidiary in October 1994. Comparisons to Nick Cave and Marc Bolan ensued, with the band alternating between bountiful melody and more noisy guitar incisions. Certainly song titles such as Embalming The Dead Entertainer suggested a band placed outside of standard indie concerns. With the subsequent demise of Britrock, 1998s excellent Theres No Confusing Some People gained the band more favourable media coverage.

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