Calgary, Canada

Acerca de Divinity
Divinity are a technically proficient, melodic death metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The group's founding tandem of vocalist Sean Jenkins and guitarist James Duncan began jamming during their high-school years, playing their first gig at a local "battle of the bands." Once drummer Brett Duncan joined the fold several years later, Divinity recorded their 2002 EP, Intensify, then added second guitarist Sacha Laskow and bassist Nick Foster to complete their touring lineup. Extensive woodshedding followed and by 2007 Divinity had an album's worth of highly complex material (reminiscent at times of Dark Tranquillity, Dream Theater, and Into Eternity, minus the screeching), which they hammered into shape for their first, self-released full-length, Allegory, reissued one year later by Nuclear Blast. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia