Little Maggie

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Well, understand little Maggie
With the <snip> in her hair.
She's drinking away her troubles,
I mean kind of some other man.

Oh, how can I ever stand it
To see in clear blue eyes
A shining <snip> moonlight
Like two <snip> in the sky.


Pretty flowers were made for blooming,
Pretty stars were made to shine,
Pretty women were made for loving,
Little Maggie was made for mine.

The last time I saw little Maggie
She was sitting on the bend <snip> feet.
Well the <snip> all around her,
In a <snip> on her knee.

Go away, go away, little Maggie,
Go away, do the best you can
And give me another woman,
You can give you another man.


Autor(es): Robbie Van Leeuwen

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