Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Little Miss Understood

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On that day at the break of dawn
Her mother died when she was born
Her father has blamed her, it was really sad
He found a new woman, they had a little boy
He got all the affection that she never had no no no

Little miss understood
She ain't no beauty but she looks quite good
Underneath that pink disguise
Little miss understood
She's the shame of the neighbourhood
If they would only realize

In front of all the kids at school
She knew she had to play it cool
To get the attention she was craving for
She wore a real tight dress
And with an air as if she couldn't care less
She was walking the streets like never before no no no

If they would only realize!

She left home still under-age
And got caught in a golden cage
He said he'd take care of her
Well in a way he did
Ahe really thought that his love was true
And so she did what he told her to do
It was love for money, and money for love no no no

Little miss understood
She didn't behave like a little girl should
She's living her life like it's a game
Little miss understood
She'd like to change if she only could
But she will always be the same

If they would only realize!

Autor(es): Arjen Anthony Lucassen

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