Little Pretty (broto Triste)

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He:Little pretty so tricky
You act like a princess
Whose mind 's in the province
But lives in the city
Won't read any poet
Who isn't from Europe
And thinks maple syrup
Is cultural enrichment instead
Little hick
Your poor head is so shifty
Your brains ain't so witty
And hardly profound
Beware little richie
Of any banditti
So greedy he'll marry
A merry-go-rounder like you
Your bikini so bitsy and teeny
In the mind will leave no mystery
You'll be history in no time
Little pretty I pity
It's really a bitch
You just being so little
And itching to fly
Pretty little
Don't fiddle with this
If you're trying to exist
There is a lot
For you to try
Little pretty, come out

She:No way

He:Little pretty, watch out,
You'll pay!
Little pretty, come out

She:No way

He:Little pretty watch out

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