Action Bronson

Live From Kissena Blvd

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Ayo I represents Queens
Yea, you already know, come on
You know what time it is
Ayo I represents Queens
Please, let em know
Ayo I represents Queens
Bam bam yea yea uh
Yo I represents Queens, I prop scenes up

Yea the cops set me up, tried to play Action
Good thing I'm like Peyton with the play action
Gold wagon need a diaper cause I'm shittin on em
No lyin, engine like a retarded lion
Very special, twist pussy like pretzel
The travel named Fletcher
Sit in the back of the Cadillac stretcher
Maroon dash, air bloom when the platoon blast
Blue grass in the Jag playin jazz
Beige rider glove on my hand
Dead chrome be bam bam baklava
Sell 10 out the minivan like a saga mine
Backed about the eight
Doctor octagon, aqua havaches on
Put the fork in the pasta with the shitakies on it
Ain't a dime, get a move without papi on it
Green paper, motherfuckers left sloppy for it
Come on, come on

Ayo I represents Queens
And you saved New York City
Ayo I represents Queens
And you saved
Ayo I represents Queens
And you saved New York City
Yo I represents Queens, I prop scenes up

Throw the left hook, knock a horse out
World came from across town, I put the fork down
Through the nackin and the dessert disgusted
Lick the mustard, kiss my cousin
Motherfuck you know I do my thing, it's nothing
Suede patches on the elbow of the jacket
Fruit savor bags for the green crack
Toast to Sesame C's on the scene best
Candy sky, welcome Adidas
Sittin courtside, need jazz
Please, my bitch squeeze at 45 degrees
While I shift the V with Mystique
Kiss on your cheek, go to sleep
I roll the leaf up uh, cut through the block with Queen Latifa
A hundred grand wrapped in a flag of Trinidad
I been a dad, smoke dough, got the same taste as a lemon head
I wanna meet the bitch that invented head
Korean meats laid on a lettuce bed, roll up

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