Live Well

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I can see you.
I was longing for you so much, I came to find you.
Like before, like before there is no change in your radiant appearnce
I thought that you'd be surprised to see me so I hid in a near by ally
"My love, My love Have you been well?" I ask, talking to myself.

I love you, I still do
I'm sorry for lacking so much before
I probably can't have you anymore
Always live well..

I made you cry alot didn't I?
Instead we shouldn't have loved at all.
My selfishness, because of myselfishness
I only made your heart hurt, didn't I?

Forget me, you have to resent the person
that threw you away, this spoild person.
Let go of the rope to our memories.
Don't hurt please.
I pray to the skies, asking for there to not
be anymore times that I come looking for you like this.