Leo Sayer

Living In A Fantasy

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You -- you are my reason to liveyou make me shine -- with all the love that you giveand when i think of you -- i keep driftin' awaylittle by little -- i love you more ever dayi lay in bed but i just can't sleepi close my eyes and you're all that i seei can't believe that it's happening to me
Living in a fantasyever since you came to meliving in a fantasydrowning in this luxuryever since you came to mei'm living in a dream
Oh, i know -- there'll be storms up aheadwe'll blow them away -- bring back the sun againfor love conquers all -- the gloom and despairnothin' can go wrong -- just as long as you're therei see a light on the path up aheadi know you'll wait on the cliff where you saidi'll hold you close 'till we're right on the edge
Living in a fantasy
Oh you're too much -- too soon -- too strongbut i wanna drown in your touchdon't keep me floating too long

Autor(es): Alan Tarney / Leo Sayer

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