Lover's Return

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And So You Have Come Back to Me
And Say the Old Loves Growing Yet
You've Tried Through All These Weary Years
You've Tried So Vainly to Forget

Oh No, I Cannot Take Your Hand
God Never Gives Is Back Our Youth
The Loving Heart You Slighted Then
Was Yours, My Friend, in Perfect Truth

Come Close and Let Me See Your Face
Your Raven Hair Is Tinged With Snow
Oh, Yes, It Is the Same Dear Face
I Loved So Many Years Ago

Repeat Chorus

Farewell, I Think I Love You Yet
As Friend to Friend, God Bless You Dear
And Guide You Through These Weary Years
To Where the Skies Are Always Clears

Repeat Chorus

Autor(es): A.P. Carter / Mother Maybelle Carter / Sara Carter

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