Living Nightmare

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Pretty young girl, on her way home
There's a chill in the air now, as she walks alone
She has no choice, she can't turn back
The monster waits, sees and attacks and I say

The soul lays broken, she feels so cold
It's a living nightmare - will it ever go?
Will it ever go? Will it ever go?
Will it ever, will it ever, will it ever go?

Other people just turn the other way,
The young girl's soul they have betrayed
She's treated like an outcast, you know it ain't right
She can't be blamed for what happened that night

The case won't stand now, the judge throws it out
"Justice, bloody justice!" is what the people shout
The victim stands degraded, the system's so wrong
She feels the pain, she feels it for so long

Just like a family, protecting its kin
We must be strong and we must win
We must act now, if we have a hope
We must act now, restore the rope,
I said restore the rope!