Enemy You


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Growing up with no words to say
Went to school dreading everyday Watching all those boys and girls that were so predictable Went to the show for some fresh air
If I belonged it would have to be there All new faces and anew I.D., a different scene but the same old place
So I went into the world Mimicked their actions and even stole their words I played along but when I spoke something got in my way My head spins thinking of all the places
I've been
I play the game but
I can't win And I'm sick of this Will someone please open the fuckin door and let me in I grew up and
I calmed down
Years passed I went back to that town Knowing that things can change and that memories can betray But they don't care and they're still sedate And talk of things with which I cannot relate The faces hadn't changed and everything was still the same

Autor(es): David Jones