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You are like the fast wind,
That sweeps across the surface of the ocean,
And all the dreams you have always taken care of,
By infinate rays of the sun.

And now as I see you,
Your back is turned to me but you are reaching,
Pointing towards the future,
Both your wings are broken,
So why do you hide all your pain?

Softly, let me wipe away your tears,
Softly, let me hold you in my arms,
Softly, let me comfort you,
Because I want to see you in your glory.

I'll give you, I'll give you,
If you choose to lay your head down,
All the dreams that you dream will live on,
I'll give you, I'll give you,
If you hold a heart that's true now,
Your love will return back to you,
I'll give you my love Lullaby!

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