Long After Midnight

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I can feel her touch from far away
The kind of woman that don't
Have to say
Hey Boy, it's time Boy, it's you I
Want tonight

Well I love her walk, and the way
She moves
She burns my blood, till I come
She's so tough, plays rough,
Smooth on the edge

Find a way to make her mine
Find a way to cross the line
Take in my arms and make her
Tell you girl I'll never let you leave

Lady Midnight come together,
Deep in the moonlight
Lady Midnight come together,
Make love tonight

She's a fantasy, a question mark
No way to hold her beyond the
Mystery, close to me, shadows of
My heart

Find a way beyond the dream
Find a way to make her see
Give her all I got and make her
The passion deep inside is finally
Oh yea!!

When the candle burns beyond
The night
And I stand on my own
And dream with morning sheds
That I am never alone, never let
Go ...


Autor(es): Loudness