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I can see your smile
I see it light up in your eyes
In you, saw my life
Born in mine
Now as I turn away
From the memory we became
I am wondering
What the hell went wrong
Every Minute I Loved You
Every Minute I Loved You
Every Minute I'm Losing You
Each Moment I Loved You

When you came to me
You spoke to my soul
That I gave you to keep
With you I was home

I believed in love
That could not believe in me
Didn't even know
How alone I would feel

I can't feel my heart
Untouch me away
I'm running in my thoughts
There ain't much in me

With the wreath you laid
In the stream, you were gone
The last breath I take
I'll sing with this song
For you…

And I came back
And I came back
You were gone
You were gone
You were gone…

Autor(es): Caleb