Long Division

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Now I'm going to beg you
To leave your books at home
Stand still all alone and feel
What you really are

Part of a war
Armed with words to say
Though the truth is all man made
You stay in a prison with no bars
Firing away

You search for an answer
And divide the human race
Void of fact or void of faith
There will always be a part

Out of your reach
To make your truth complete
An elusive piece will constantly
Destroy your head and heart

As you look to the heavens
As you question the sea
You will disregard the life that's in between
'Cause above it all you will never know
You may don your wings, you may decompose
In the end you'll know
But for now don't miss a thing

You may side with science
You may side with god
But you're human being above it all
And the truth may divide you
But the truth is you're flawed
You are human being above it all

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