Long Drive Home

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I came 'cause you asked me to, so you
Didn't have to drive all alone
Now I did the favour here, not you
Remember, I did the favour here

I've been smiling my best smile
I've been laughing with your friends
Doing everything you asked on the way
And I don't know what I've done but we

Haven't talked for hours and I'm
Waiting for the long drive home

Do you believe in me enough to say so?

She came from another life of mine
Oh she came from another life
A face to the name that dampened days
She's a face and a body and smile

But we hardly said a word
I begin to wish we had as the
Headlamps of the cars stream by
And the radio has broke and I'm

Lost for things to say as we're
Speeding on the long drive home

Looking at you with your eyes firmly fixed on the road
And your mind on an hour ago
And you are looking at me like you think that I started a war
While white lights
So like tracers shoot by

Do you believe in me enough to say so?

Autor(es): Adem