Long Gone

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Skulking in the Mean Streets Whispering in the Halls
Redlight Bandits On the Corner Give no Quarter Calls
Infectious Garbage Fills the Streets and in Their Eyes You Know
A Thin Blue Line Bends and Breaks Stop the Overflow

* Fan the Flames of the City's Heat
In Dark Corners That You Never Seen
Desperation When the Trouble Flares
/alarm Guns Ring/ ["Well I'm Gonna Scream"] Running Scared

And You're Long Gone, Down in This Hell
Long Gone Down in This Hell
So Baby Won't You Hold Me Tight
Let Your Softness Fill My Night
We've Got a Dream Don't Let It Slip Away
In Your Eyes I Can See the Fear
This Town Never Sheds a Tear
We're Gonna Be /out Someday/walking Away

People Looking For the Holy One,
Some Kind of Hero Or a Prophet to Come
Visionaries Dance the Night Away

There's no Tomorrow Living For Today
But You're Long Gone Down in This Hell
Long Gone Down in This Hell


I Saw the Stars Come Out Tonight So Lonely and Immune
Summer Rain Kissed the Streets That Bleed Like /open Wounds/ ["Old Balloons"]
Patrol Cars Sweep the Avenues Down On Forty Eighth
While Faces in Dark Doorways Wait to Arouse the Hate

* Repeat

** Baby Better Walk Away
Baby Better Walk Away
We'll Be Busting Out Someday

** Repeat