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I went looking for a winter
Meant to match my splintered heart
But all the world was hot as passion
Fashionably fevered art
I came drunk and wildly reeling
Blaming no one feeling pain
But all the world had caught me staring
Wearing my own private rain

Windows of the past
Shadows of tommorow
Sorrows never last
Shallow ears may borrow
All the pain you share
Call the rain your fare
For the taxi to a paradise
You might believe in once or twice
In hopes of meeting someone nice
Who's never really there

I tried looking for a lover
Hiding my scar-covered soul
But all the world was watching cruelly
Duly noting each dead coal
I stood waiting to be wanted
Should I show undaunted pride?
But all the world had found me empty
Tempting me to turn and hide

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