Lose Control

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Last night, we had an argument. You told me you love me.
All the things that I said, I never meant, no baby.
I didn't mean to make you cry.
I didn't mean to make you say, "bye, bye, bye"

Baby won't you let me look inside your soul.
Let me make you lose control.
Let me be the one you need. (I want to be the one for you, girl)
Baby just come to me.
(Just come on, come on)

Now tell me girl what you want from me. Whatever it is you desire,
I wanna give my baby.
I wanna feel your body yearn...all your softest spots I plan to learn.

Baby won't you let me just flip you down. (Let me flip you down)
Make you spin around and around. Flip you girl from left to right.
(If you don't mind) If you don't mind, baby, can I just spend the night.

Baby, yeah, let me turn you on.
Can I turn you, can I turn on (oh let me turn you on)
Till the break of dawn, baby
Ooohh, let me turn you on, my my....to the break of dawn baby.
Don't you know, don't you some time is all that you need.
Oooh, ohhh

Autor(es): Keith Sweat / Roy Murray

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